Woman of worth you are wonderfully and beautifully made. From my power to your power let us stand firm in our figures and voices to move the masses.

Welcome my fellow women of worth to Passions of Empowerment’s home of motivation. Woman you are phenomenal, you are bread with intelligence to the furthest degree, therefore with strength and dignity you must always succeed.

Our Focus

We aim to provide proper mentorship to structure and guide one into meeting her goals regardless of setbacks, procrastination, and indecisiveness. We will provide support groups to her in need of therapeutic conversation. We aim to break down barriers that has kept her bound for many moments or years. We aim to faith it until its finished. We will restore love from sister to sister with our whole heart. In fully summary our main goal is you my sister and all circumstances that pertain to you. You have found a home that will love you through all spectrums or moods. Woman its simple our focus is to assist you with building to the dream you have always imagined yourself seeing. Step forward and never look back. We all got we got sis; home is where is where the heart is at.


Women you have taught me to see the beauty in every new day. I pray that God who gives hope, will bless you with complete happiness and peace.

Romans 16:13

Change your fears into Faith’s Footsteps”

-Nicole Faith-

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