My name is Nicole Faith, I am the Founder of this organization, instituted on January 18, 2018. I saw vision after I defined my identity. This took years of infrastructure to build based off certain instances of my life that I had to conquer. This battle was fought for you my dear ladies. I spent many years being introverted based off the lack of compatibility that I had with people. It seemed as if every angle or direction I turned always resulted in me being alone. This was not because I had to be yet, but I chose to be. I was labeled as a nerd or peculiar with no personality. In the same sentiment the public made declaration that I was elegant with an eloquent mindset. However, I knew hospitality was a part of etiquette, so I smiled with a humble thank you. For I knew one better due to my youth, I once believed these false accusations that were slandered upon me. The bullying knocked on the right heart. I took it all, and once I told myself, “sis you better cry standing up”. I made a vow to bring forth togetherness through the power within, even if the smile was crooked or uneven. I decided to advocate for voices that were small and taken advantage of. Later In wisdom, I grew to know that being odd was good. I recall like it was yesterday telling myself no more tears or tears, your purpose is near, “girl you are more truth than clear crystal. Further in depth, I decided to innovate after seeing other powerful, poised, peculiar women strive for excellence. I posted by ballot and said, “woman you are up next”. Ladies, I meant this with my whole chest. This was all done with a voice of truth, steps of confidence, conversation of intelligence, and focal points of evidence. In other words, your sight is strength your presence is more powerful than pettiness.

“Your phenomenal is a given that can’t be taken.” Your beauty is your name that is destined for greatness. Your eyes are the revelations to your inner identity. Your smile is a terrific taste of energy.

– Nicole Faith –

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